23 July 2015

The bizarre grass-ringed patches of barren land cover more than 1,000 miles of the Namib desert in Southern Africa. Astonishingly, each ring can measure between two and 20 metres in diameter. Images of the mysterious craters, known as Fairy Circles were caught by professional photographer Thomas Dressler, 58, between 2010 to 2014.

Theories of how the Fairy Circles got there have ranged over the years – some suggest that termites or radioactive soil are to blame, while others believe something more sinister like meteorites or UFOs. Dressler, who is fascinated with the phenomenon said:

“I regularly travel to this location because the Namib Desert, including the pre-Namib, for me, belong to the most stunning landscapes on earth. It was very exciting to fly over the area for the first time. He added: “Scientists have not found a definite explanation for the Fairy Circles yet. Termites seem to be the most popular theory. But people talk about fungi, Gods, spirits and even dragons. It’s difficult to form an opinion about something which is still a mystery – even for those who studied and investigated these circles extensively for years.”